To date, we have built over 50 bespoke mobile apps – apps that make a difference in people’s lives. As the mobile apps pioneer in Malaysia, it is in our DNA to continue pushing the limits and technological boundaries. If you have an idea, we will challenge ourselves and build the best app for your customers.

Our Core Values, Our Beliefs.No Compromise.

icon-excellence Striving for excellence

Never allowing or settling for mediocrity in our work quality delivery; we will dig deeper to find the best possible way it should perform and exceed expectations.

icon-helpful Be helpful

Solve problems that real people face, meet their needs, fill the gap and enrich their lives.

icon-collaborateCollaborate together

We offer our mobile expertise to match your domain expertise. This is to identify real problems and write codes that offer practical solutions.

icon-beholderDelight the beholder

Every important decision revolves around the beholder, your real customer who spends 30 seconds on the phone using your app. This is because every 30-second is amplified a million times around the world by customers using the same app.

icon-communicateCommunicate at all times

We want to keep our clients up to date on the project’s progress at all times.

The 4-stage Lifecycle of a Great App

When you work with us, we value the importance how ideas are conceptualized and incubated. Our team of experts sits at the intersection of technology and real world experience. Here is how we carefully craft your idea in four simple stages:

Stage 1Idea

The first and important stage where two parties meet to communicate, articulate and understand the underlying goal of a brilliant idea.

Stage 2Design

Every design begins with a pen and paper. This is where the idea is birthed and incubated.

Stage 3Develop

We code, test, and repeat the cycle.

Stage 4Support

After an app is launched, we continue to care for it. Frequent app updates are synced to function with the latest phones and updates.

Are You Ready to Build Your Mobile App?

Apptivity Lab Framework & Tools

We love technology, and as a technology company, we believe in using the best tools to create and deliver the best product. Our proprietary tools fill in the rest of the gaps to deliver a most seamless product development flow.

Paper and pen

As in Moleskine and LAMY, because old school is still the quickest way to get ideas and thoughts flowing


For designing user interfaces, focusing not on layers and page layout, but on user experience across the entire app


For sharing designs with clients, as well as creative assets with developers

Lets us understand user behaviour in our apps, recording interactions rather than just remarks


Invision integration with Slack, so everyone in the channel knows when a new screen design is ready

User Testing

"Out on the street" user testing, in real life, because every design's final judge is the person who uses the app in real life


The programming language of choice for iOS


The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developing iOS apps


The native programming language for building Android apps

Android Studio

An IDE launched by Google, to optimise Android development

Unit Testing & UI Testing

Unit Testing keeps check as code grows, while UI testing is done on our own extensive test rack of devices

Atlassian Jira

Keeping a roadmap of app features that we deliver using an Agile approach

CocoaPods & Gradle

Helping us to reuse internal libraries that speed up development, and keep track of 3rd party SDKs to enable broader functionality

Git & Bitbucket

Every line of code is carefully committed into Git to ensure clear accountability and safely backed up to our remote Bitbucket repository


Integration with Slack brings all the updates into a single channel for project teams to watch and participate in the progress


Setup for every project, whether it is deployed to App Store & Play Store, or internally to beta testers or enterprise users


To monitor the app crashes automatically, so even bugs that don't get reported will be found and fixed

Issue Tracker

Bitbucket Issue Tracker to make sure any bug reported will get taken care of

Google Analytics

Google Analytics and other usage tracking to help us see trends within the app


Every server-side backend solution is packaged into Docker containers for reliable deployment

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Provide scalable cloud infrastructure for mobile back-end that grows with the app's popularity

Custom Scripts

Monitor App Store & Play Store for user reviews and feedback, so we can stay in touch with how people see our apps