Learning Principles

We love sharing our expertise with developers so that they can make a difference through mobile apps.It’s about learning from the best to create great apps that improve our lives.And as we learn from one another, the ecosystem grows steadily.

Learn with people who do

Imparting of knowledge is important but sharing of experience is even enriching. The best way to learn is to learn from people who know what they are doing.

Seek out primary sources

One great way of learning is by walking through code samples from Apple and Google. Because it’s all written by people just like you and me, there is so much we can learn from seeing what others have done before.

Catch the culture, not just the code

The best developers around the world catch the culture and the thinking behind each ecosystem. They learn to do the best work within the given framework -- no code stands alone as an island.


Our teaching methodology is a mix of engaging theory sessions and interactive hands-on workshops. The content we provide in the Apptivity Lab Learn Portal include:

  • Learning Portal
  • Course videos
  • Code reviews
  • Hand-outs
  • Slides, quizzes, trailer discussion, sample codes, code replays and more…

Course Outlines

We will teach developers the foundations of mobile apps development such as:

Xcode TourSwift 101: The Playground SessionSwift 201: Object Oriented ProgrammingSwift Hands-On Coding

Git EssentialsBuilding Apps The Hard WayInterface Builder & Storyboard

Introduction to NavigationLife CyclesKeyboard, Responders & Delegation PatternIntroduction to UITableView

MVC Pattern & Data ModellingUnit TestingCustom TableView CellsTop Ten Tasty TableView Tricks

Passing Data Between View ControllersData Persistence & NSCodingFile Systems, Singleton Pattern

Web Services 101Web Services 102Web Services 201

Using Swift with Objective-CUsing 3rd Party LibrariesSummary

WorkbenchBuild ProcessJava 101Java 201: OOP with Java

Paper PrototypingActivity & FragmentsUI Overview & Layouts

Navigation between FragmentsBuilding a Sidebar UINavigation between ActivitiesUnderstanding Lifecycles

Source Version Control with GitData ModelRecyclerViewsAdvanced RecyclerViews

Networking ConceptsNetworking with VolleyNetworking with Volley (Part 2)

Passing Data around the AppData PersistenceUnit Testing

User LocationStyles & ThemesAdopting Material Design

Multi-threading and the UI ThreadPublishing Your App

Public Training Dates

Design Sprint @ Polycon 2016
5 November 2016
One Academy

Android Mobile Development
23 August 2016 - 22 October 2016
Malaysia Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC)

Mobile Development (Swift, iOS) Course
21 June 2016 to 13 August 2016
Malaysia Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC)

Private Training Courses

We offer 1 to 2 weeks full time private courses. Get in touch to register now.

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