Vidi is a travel discovery app that allows you to experience places and activities through authenticly generated videos and book activities on the fly.

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Samsung AC Support

The Samsung AC Support app serves as a personal assistant to help Samsung AC technicians diagnose problems with Samsung ACs, calculate a room’s AC capacity requirements, access service manuals and disassembly guides, and service center listings.

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Time Internet

TIME delivers great Fibre Broadband Internet packages and they continue to strive to enhance their customer experience with the launch of this app that offers their customers a more convenient way to pay their bills and manage their account.

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Axiata Core Values

Axiata Core Values app allows their employees to constantly engage with their core values by playing games that invoke their values and learn more about them through testimonial videos from the representatives of their company.

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Wanderclass brings fitness into your community by providing a platform that allows you to discover classes ran by professional instructors in unconventional spaces, like unused rooftops, parks, and much more.

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The biggest advocates for a fitter, healthier and better community, RaceX brings together all the best running, swimming, cycling events in the region and puts it in the palm of your hands. Discovering events, signing up and participating has never been this easy. Be a part of this fitness movement and move with us!

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Salam Muslim

Salam Muslim is a born and bred Malaysian Muslim App. With prayer times accurate to Jakim’s standard to custom greetings, Quran recitations, Kiblat directions and more. This app is designed to be the only Muslim app you’ll ever need.

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CSE Connex Sales Kiosk

CSE Connex is a GPS enabled car security system for your brand new Mercedes Benz, Honda or Subaru car. We developed the CSE Connex app for their sales kiosk for use at the respective car showrooms.

iMoney Mortgage Calculator

One of the pioneers in fintech, iMoney came to us with a brilliant idea of creating a tool to generate leads for mortgage applications by building a simple mortgage calculator app. This clever calculator would not only provide users with the latest bank interest rates for comparison, it allows users to apply for their mortgages instantly. Simply ingenious!

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As one of Malaysia’s leading mobile service provider, Digi Telecommunications constantly pushes the boundaries of innovation. Working closely with their pioneering HR team, we developed a mobile app for their “newbies” to get acquainted with their company culture and automate their onboarding process. The D’Newbie app also fosters their community by letting them reach out to one another. Truly Inspiring!

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Sunway Pyramid

One of the most iconic malls in Malaysia, Sunway Pyramid presented us with a challenge to equip their mall goers with an indoor navigation map to their huge labyrinth of retail outlets and parking lots, additionally providing a means for their retailers to present current promotions. Win, win, win.

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Get a safe and reliable ride in minutes with Grab (formerly GrabTaxi/ MyTeksi). With the largest pool of drivers in Southeast Asia, Grab offers the fastest transport booking service for cabs, private cars, motorbikes and more.

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